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"Fight for Him" →


I just came across a post that said “Fight for him…you even said you still love him.” Let’s take a minute to discuss this shall we?

You cannot fight for someone who doesn’t fight for you.

You cannot fight for someone that you put 100% of your effort into, that gives you nothing in return.

You cannot fight for someone that walks away without looking back, with no remorse, no effort on their part.

You cannot fight for someone who is not willing to give you everything that you’re willing to give them, and to sacrifice everything you’re willing to sacrifice.

The problem is so many of us will fight for someone against our better judgement because of what our hearts want, but our hearts and our minds are eneimes and refuse to work together. And while we’re too busy fighting for someone who isn’t fighting for us, we could be fighitn for someone else who is willing to give us everything and is worth the fight, but by then, we’re so tired of fighting that we give up compeltely.

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 A lot of people seem to be going through pain right now, I think it’s something that may help.